70% of children’s underwear failed in Hebei spot check

70% of children’s underwear failed in Hebei spot check

Hebei Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision and Administration recently organized a special supervision and random inspection of 20 categories of products including food, pesticides, knitted underwear and children’s underwear.

The spot check results show that the food passing rate is over 80%, and the overall quality is better; while the average passing rate of children’s underwear is less than 30%, the quality status is not optimistic.

   According to reports, food is the focus of this spot check. A total of 9 299 alternative products of 235 companies were spot-checked and 81 were qualified.


Foods with a pass rate of over 90% are: wheat (2135, -2.

00, -0.

09%) powder 98.

3%, 90% of nuts and roasted food.

1%, cookies 95.

7%, puffed food 100%, candy 90%.

Those who passed the spot check were below 90%: soy sauce 59.

4%, quick-frozen food 59.

1%, candied 70.

6%, sesame oil 67.


   The main problems found in the food spot check: First, the labeling does not meet the standard requirements.

A total of 20 sets of product labels failed, accounting for 35 of the total number of failed products.


Second, the additive exceeded the standard.

A total of 22 product additives exceeded the standard, accounting for 39 of the total number of unqualified products.


Third, soy sauce is soluble in salt-free solids, amino acid nitrogen, and total nitrogen content is not up to standard.

A total of 13 soy sauce products related to the above items were unqualified, accounting for 86 of the total number of soy sauce unqualified products.


   Seventy percent of unqualified children’s underwear knitted underwear and children’s underwear products involved 62% of the distribution in the urban-rural junctions and fairs in Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Hengshui, Cangzhou, etc., and the average cost of resetting was 29%.

The inspection items are mainly product fiber composition, product identification, color fastness, pH value, formaldehyde content, etc.

Among them, 33 groups of product identification did not meet the requirements, accounting for 53 of the total number of spot checks.

2%; 9 groups with unsatisfactory color fastness to sweat, 14 samples with unsatisfactory pH and 18 samples with unsatisfactory fiber content.

   The pesticide spot check in Hebei involved 37 products from 37 manufacturers in the province, with a pass rate of 78.

4%, located in Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Hengshui, Handan, and other cities below the county agricultural resources company, agricultural resources distribution department and agricultural resources wholesale market.

The main problems found are: some product labels are incorrectly labeled, the product’s effective ingredients, moisture content and acidity do not meet the requirements, and the registration certificate of counterfeit pesticides still exists.

   In the spot check of agricultural water pumps, the main problem was that the safety requirements were unqualified.

Some products have no grounding measures or imperfect grounding measures; the outgoing cables do not meet the standard requirements; the products have no safety signs, and the product description is not clear.

The first is that manufacturers cannot strictly implement national standards and do not recognize product safety signs. Stealers cut materials and use inferior materials, resulting in unqualified products. As a result, the sampling eligibility rate was only 53 out of 32 of 32 companies.