Children’s autumn recipes

Children’s autumn recipes Breakfast: 25 grams of egg porridge, 25 grams of jujube milk milk cake, Chinese food: 50 grams of assorted rice, cabbage soup, noon: 50 grams of carrots, millet porridge, dinner: 50 grams of winter melon liver mud rolls, egg soup soup, autumn, children’s appetite generally compareConducive to the intake of nutrients.   Egg […]

9 energies of humorous life

9 energies of humorous life In my life, the most effective tool to overcome depression and negativity is humor. It’s like mastering the skills of writing. I find that the more I face in life, especially the frustration events, the better I become. In many situations, personalities, or more complex situations, all I can do […]

What kind of profession do you like?

What kind of profession do you like? If you have the opportunity, you can travel to the following six islands without considering the cost and other issues. Which one do you want to go to most? You can choose three according to your favorite level.   The beautiful and romantic island of A Island is full […]


日常护肤成就娇嫩苹果肌肤 想要拥有紧致有光泽的肌肤吗­那就跟着小编一起来学下下面这些护肤技巧,只需把步骤,调整肌肤新陈代谢,打造靓丽容颜哦!  第一步:先清洁皮脂分泌较多的T区部  取适量洗颜泡沫,先清洁皮脂分泌较多的T区部。以打圈的方式,将泡沫自然揉开至全脸。在去角质同时滋润、清洁肌肤。  第二步:浸洗全脸上下部分各10次  双手盛起温水,分别浸洗全脸上下部分各10次,最后浸洗全脸10次。用泼水的方式浸洗脸部,可有效避免污垢残留。  第三步:使用喷雾式化妆水  使用喷雾式化妆水时,喷口与肌肤的最佳间距应为15cm左右。放大喷雾覆盖面积,为肌肤的每一个细胞带来水润滋养。  第四步:双手轻轻按于脸部  为了让肌肤充分吸收化妆水中的保湿成分。将双手轻轻按于脸部,静待片刻保持不动,让水分与肌肤完全交融。  第五步:再次喷涂保湿化妆水  觉得肌肤还是有些干燥的话,可试着再次喷涂保湿化妆水。双手贴于脸部,可以帮助肌肤最大限度地得以滋润。  第六步:使用浸有保湿化妆水的化妆棉  对于毛孔松弛较为显眼的三角区域,可使用浸有保湿化妆水的化妆棉,分别贴于两颊的三角区域,好似在为肌肤做补水面膜。  第七步:滋润鼻翼两侧毛孔和黑头显眼的部分  使用同样的化妆棉,滋润鼻翼两侧毛孔和黑头显眼的部分。剪开长方形化妆棉下方三分之一处,贴合鼻部同时帮助透气。  第八步:喷涂保湿喷雾  对颈部至锁骨,以及耳后肌肤,以同样的方式喷涂保湿喷雾。这些容易突显年龄的肌肤也绝不能忽视哦!

Office workers beware of fresh person disease

Office workers beware of “fresh person” disease After the long holiday, Liu Yuan, who had just been in the job for more than half a year, felt that she was “especially unwilling to leave home” and even “don’t want to go to work.” At the same time, she also had headaches and dizziness. Zhang Dasheng, […]

Efficacy and Practice Tips of Hot Yoga

Efficacy and Practice Tips of Hot Yoga In addition to the effect of weight loss, high temperature yoga has a therapeutic effect on insomnia, migraine headaches, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, and urinary diseases. At the same time, yoga practitioners can reduce facial wrinkles, make people feel younger, live longer, and can increase disease resistance, […]

Yang Ying: A Study of the Origin of the Immortal Family

Yang Ying: A Study of the Origin of the Immortal Family The excavation materials of the Institute of History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the study of the Qin and Han Dynasties in the Warring States Period: The Warring States, the Qin and Han Dynasties have a miscellaneous origin. It can be […]

Beauty experts interpret game power

Beauty experts interpret “game power” No one wants their children to lose on the starting line, but what sets them apart is not literacy in advance, but games, games, and games! A few days ago, Dr. Mars, a psychologist and early education expert from Florida State in the United States, interpreted the power of games […]

Skin care has a magic weapon to get rid of skin care products_1

Skin care has a magic weapon to get rid of skin care products Who says beauty must be applied with skin care products? Pay attention on weekdays, sometimes it is more effective than skincare! Introducing the five magic weapons for you to have perfect skin.   One magic weapon must go to bed early and get […]

Golden autumn learning yoga, prevent disease and lose weight

Golden autumn learning yoga, prevent disease and lose weight After a long, hot summer, passing through several cool autumn rains and falling on the dried-up ground, people suddenly feel uncomfortable, the autumn is high, and the heart is refreshed. People enjoy the comfort and relaxation brought by autumn. However, at the same time, they must […]