College student hammers girlfriend for falling in love

College student hammers girlfriend for falling in love

After falling out of love, his psychological twist was gambling and stolen Su 21 years old. Last summer, Su worked in Mianyang City and met Yang Shuguo, who worked together.

Yang and Su were co-residents. Soon the two loved each other and lived together outside the school. However, they soon diverged due to various reasons.

Su’s family has always been opposed.

Su also talked to her friends about Yang’s “broken heart and chest, love to go to extremes.”

So Su Xiangyang broke up and moved back to school accommodation.

  Yang Shuguo, who had stayed in the grade, has been delayed by the school for one year due to failing the exam. However, it is time to graduate this year but there are still a few subjects that fail.

Yang was very upset and had thoughts of resentment and arrogance.

In March of this year, the students went out for internships, but Yang often bet on Mahjong and often lost money.

  ”The tide,” the disappointment of the gambling tide caused the distortion of Yang Shuguo’s psychology.

He deceived a computer of a classmate and sold it.

At 7 o’clock on March 25, Yang Shuguo stole two mobile phones after playing mahjong at a tea house in Qingyi Village, Qingqingyi Town, Wucheng District, Mianyang City, and destroyed the profligate at a low price of 760 yuan.

  The poisoned hand smashed his girlfriend at the night cast hotel. On March 31, 2006, Yang Shuguo carried a hammer and took Su Yue out of school on the grounds of retrieving his bank card.

At 11 o’clock that night, Su Mou called her friend Luo Mou from the telephone supermarket and said, “I’m here to return Yang Shuguo’s card. Yang Shuguo won’t allow me to leave.

Luo said, after Su said these words, there is no news.

  According to Ms. Xiao from a hotel in Youxian District, Mianyang City, around 1am on April 1st, a man knocked on the door and asked to stay in the store. After opening the door, a young man and woman entered.

She took them to Room No. 4 “Xinghua Hall” on the second floor.

At about 8 o’clock in the morning, the man went downstairs and told her that he had to stay tonight. He went to a meeting, and the woman had to sleep for a while.

Until 8 o’clock in the evening, the man had not returned, and the woman had not come downstairs. Ms. Xiao opened the door with the key. When she saw that woman had no response, she went to open the bunk and saw that woman’s upper body was wearing nothing., And did not move, quickly went downstairs to report.

  After committing the crime, he claimed to have murdered on the Internet. According to the court’s investigation, at 12 pm on March 31, Su followed Yang to the hotel in Youxian District.

At 4 am on April 1st, after it was confirmed that Su was asleep, Yang Shuguo smashed the hammer hidden under the pillow to Su ‘s head, and then stepped on Ka Su to cause mechanical asphyxiation and death.

  After killing Su, Yang, who was desperate, thought of continuing to kill Su’s classmate Xiao Ming.

He went to an internet cafe near his girlfriend’s school and called Xiao Ming, claiming that Su got seriously ill and lived in a hospital in the city, asking her to come out, but Xiao Ming survived.

After the murder, Yang chatted with a classmate and said that he had recently killed someone. He also actively called the victim to the classmate: “If you don’t believe it, you can call to confirm.”

After Yang Shuguo killed Su, he used Su to be sick in Mianyang and was hospitalized. After deceiving Su’s sister for 300 yuan, he went online to chat in Jiangyou City, 30 kilometers away, and was arrested by the police on April 2.