Touch the boring psychology behind Sister Furong

Touch the “boring” psychology behind Sister Furong

“无聊”是最大卖点   在周星驰的电影里,出身低微、相貌粗俗、有着平凡的小缺点、没有坏心眼的女主角总是让人捧腹大笑,但在无聊和压力下的生活常态里,当When a heroine of the style of Chow Xingchi really appears around you, maybe she provides us more than just entertainment.
  Every social phenomenon is an opportunity to touch consumer psychology.
In such a weekend party-style “smelling red”, the various natural performances of different responders have reflected some of the social psychology of this era, and businesses should plan their marketing strategies through social psychology.
  Sina survey results: “boring” became the first cultural symbol of “Sister Furong” 为什么 Why did you become a “fan” (follow, supporter) of Sister Furong?
  It doesn’t make much sense, just think she’s full of fun. 79.54% Because I admire her anti-secular courage 14.85% Because I admire her looks / body / temperament 3.29% Because I envy her.
Honestly, I also want to be as red as her, she is our idol and pioneer 2.32% What kind of product do you think she is suitable for?
  打发无聊的娱乐服务产品47.22%   时尚用品19.44%   私密产品16.67%   个性化产品8.33%   日常用品8.33%   “主角营销”时代   消费者心理:人人都想做主角   Available Index: ☆☆☆☆☆ Breakthrough: How to expand the high-end, niche protagonist marketing strategy to the mass consumption field at low cost?
  产品层面:个性化、量身定制   营销层面:企业搭台、众多消费者参与的各种“秀”   一个长相平常得甚至有些土气的被传说近30岁的女子凭借“超呼寻常的自恋”Through a series of extraordinary behaviors, they have attracted people’s attention in the Internet. With the participation of “media feast”, this online version of the comedy plot is evolving into a “I am happy, so I am” collective carnival.
  In, where netizens and online games gather, you will be surprised to find that some netizens will neatly categorize “Hibiscus” resumes, “Hibiscus” remarks, and “Hibiscus” comments into the BBS for discussion.
Chen Gang, a professor of communication at Peking University, told reporters that, in fact, it was the public who chose to make “Sister Furong” popular.
The socio-economic observer Ning Zi believes that the main reason for the phenomenon of Sister Furong’s popularity is the low cost, low threshold, and high participation rate. People have acquired the desire to express themselves in the comments on Furong.
In the process of expressing themselves, the “watcher” actually acts and enjoys the thrill of the “second protagonist”.
  And some companies have also seen people’s “protagonist mentality”. One example is the “super girl” who has been in full swing in recent times. Mengniu’s “Sour Yogurt” successfully integrated the concept of “sour sweetness” into “Super Girl “.
After successfully holding the fashion ceremony, Lycra teamed up with Universal Records and Shanghai Wenguang News Media Group in 2004 to invest tens of millions in co-hosting “Lycra?
“Let’s do it” “National Idol Singer Contest.”
  Super girl judges have expressed surprise after the game, why there are so many girls who are unlikely to succeed in the preliminary round.
In fact, not a few girls said that they did not enter the competition for fame and fortune, but just wanted to experience the feeling of being a “protagonist” for a few minutes.
社会经济观察学家宁子认为,这反映了当下人们在心理和精神层面对自身价值的追求和在乎,对精英意识和精英文化的反叛,大众不希   望被精英垄断一切的话语权,试图摆脱控制, Establish a set of self-entertainment rules.
Similar to this view, a comment on mentioned the concept of “anti-intellectualism”. The so-called anti-intellectualism originated from the general public’s resistance to the elite’s right to control discourse, emphasizing the personal existence of “I am happy, therefore I am”Values and attitudes and ways of life.
  In fact, when we look back at the network idols, online singers, and the populist orientation pursued by current entertainment programs, we seem to be in an anti-idol pan-entertainment show era.
  This social trend of thought has profound meaning in marketing.
Ma Qizhi, president of the new generation survey company, believes that if the “personal consumption”, “experience consumption” and “participation consumption” are satisfied, the objective effect of “protagonist marketing” can be achieved.
  芙蓉营销样本:普通产品的精英模式   零点调查公司总裁袁岳先生认为,“芙蓉姐姐”的迅速蹿红最显著的特点就是戏剧性的反差,这首先吸引了公众的注意力,反差越大,戏剧效果越obvious.
  The purpose of marketing is to give people an ideal state, and the dramatic contrast performance of Hibiscus has actually played a role of “cosmetics” for consumers, which has strengthened consumer confidence.
The marketing sample of “Sister Furong” is exactly the “elite mode” marketing route of ordinary products.
  In terms of transmission, the BBS of Peking University and Tsinghua University, which is more exciting, is selected. This is somewhat similar to the sugar daddy style. Yuan Yue said that if Mu Zimei was a Tsinghua female student, then she causedThe attention and discussions must be wider than they were then.
  袁岳认为:“一个产品选择一个卖点,一个新鲜点,坚持到底,就能成功,在这一点上,饱受争议的脑白金广告就是一个很好的例子,‘芙蓉姐姐’走的是精英模式Marketing route.
“Ma Qizhi, president of the new generation survey company, believes that although” Sister Furong “has attracted everyone’s attention, she does not recognize her in terms of values, which is not worthy of reference in product marketing.
Even if some products or companies look for “Sister Furong” as endorsements, it just reflects the non-mainstream of these products and enterprises.
  And people pay attention to “Sister Furong” and participate in the discussion of “Sister Furong”. The drunkard’s intention is not to drink. The motivation is to fight for and defend his right to speak.
But it is undeniable that “Sister Furong” achieved the first step of success by attracting attention, but how long it can last depends on its next performance.
  望着“丑娃娃”的心情   消费者心理:我愿意看着丑娃娃   可利用指数:☆☆☆☆   突破口:无论是出于自我怜悯还是拿来玩笑,如何把握人们选择丑娃娃的心理界线:丑Not disgusting.
  产品层面:丑陋的玩偶、日本系列电影《寅次郎的故事》的诉求点   营销层面:待探索   记者在“芙蓉姐姐”的网页上,看到这样的帖子:“看到芙蓉姐姐的言行,我不再Inferiority.
“Changcheng like that, how dare you?
Why am I so inferior.
It is not difficult to see that people’s subtle psychology has found solace in “Sister Furong”.
  Marketing expert Ai Cheng told reporters that some market investigators also found that some beautiful female college students would buy some ugly but not scary toys.
  In fact, some products have begun to adopt marketing methods that avoid the pursuit of perfection and give human emotions. Rogue rabbits, crayons, etc., these popular cartoon characters are not perfect, and even have many human weaknesses and personality shortcomings.And the performance of these cartoons in the market is often trans-aged, and young and old take it all.  Aicheng believes that not a few people in the city today live in a boring and stressful state, because society is more tolerant, and the differences between people have more room for release, so it breaks through the high, large, and comprehensive products.Image, targeted marketing using the “Ugly Doll” method is actually used a lot in foreign countries. Personal products, cars, feminine cosmetics, clothing, handbags and other products are very suitable for “Ugly Doll” marketing.

Ma Qizhi, president of the new generation survey company, believes that this is another reminder that marketing should strengthen the care of human nature, and this demand will increase.

  Calling injection or preaching to promote products, brand perfection, “Ugly Doll” marketing emphasizes equal and gentle communication, pays more attention to the consumer’s mentality, strokes and comforts consumers’ unwillingness to reveal and express things.

But the scale of “ugly doll” marketing is difficult to grasp in marketing.

  ”Bored” business opportunities Consumer psychology: Boredom can use the index: ☆☆☆☆☆ Breakthrough: Change boredom into money or pay attention, pay attention to the control of consumer acquisition channels and costs, so as to avoid the hidden security of small games, otherwiseThis “sub-healthy mentality”, which is not a huge pressure, is not enough to become a huge motivation for people to choose.

  Product level: Small game marketing in the office family: Freshness-your new marketing ideas should break through to the boring people.

  Once upon a time, BBB’s post “Teaching Chicks How to Cross the Road” was actually placed between a series of interesting followers.

This is no wonder that “Sister Furong” can be so popular.

  Why do we think that people with “high education” and “ivory tower” will be boring to refuse to be in charge of “Furong” when they go to the whole society, and they will be boring and become a “watcher” who is instigated by this.How about going?

  Ai Cheng believes that our era has boring characteristics of stages. Through material enrichment, changes in communication methods, and social tolerance, we are experiencing a dazed period of transition from a “de-personalized” to a “personalized” era.

“Boredness” has been ignored by us as a periodic feature.

  Ai Cheng believes that, along with saying, “Sister Furong” made us discover that the “boring” of a few people is not as good as saying that we used to ignore people’s psychological needs too much.

  The reflection provided to business operations and marketing is that we always use a healthy mindset as a substitute for designing products that meet consumer requirements, but ignore the psychological state and irrational factors behind it, causing metaphysics in marketing.Way of thinking.

  In fact, a considerable number of people need spiritual sustenance and need encouragement and affirmation.

Therefore, market behavior should be more deeply personal, more human, and more realistically face the diverse needs of consumers.