Who’s to blame for a woman’s longevity advantage

Who’s to blame for a woman’s longevity advantage

It is said that women live longer than men overall, because women face less stress and a healthier lifestyle, and women will better handle their emotions.

In this age of women as men, women’s longevity advantages are slowly disappearing.

Why is it disappearing?

  The unhealthy and growing data released by the National Institutes of Health show that the proportion of women drinking increased from 44% to 48%, and that of men decreased from 57% to 56%; the average number of women drinking alcohol per month from 6

8 days rose to 7.

3 days compared to 9 for men.

9 days down to 9.

5 days.

“At present, the life expectancy of women in all countries is higher than that of men, but research shows that this gap is gradually changing; the healthy age of women is also basically the same as or even lower than that of men.”

Wang Peiyu, director of the Department of Social Medicine and Health Education at Peking University, said that this means that the disease duration of women in the later stages of life may continue.

In recent years, women’s “unqualified” performance in many aspects has caused them to lose many health advantages.


I smoke and drink more.

  A survey of more than 80,000 people in 2014 showed that the percentage of Chinese women smoking was from 2.


3% rose to 3.


Some women think smoking is fashionable and can even suppress appetite, hoping to lose weight.

Compared with 20 years ago, women’s drinking opportunities on various occasions have increased, and some women in the workplace believe that drinking can be a business and make friends.

Smoking and inhaling alcohol can harm multiple organs such as the liver, lungs, etc., which can lead to endocrine disorders and even affect metabolism.


Diet is not healthy.

  Data show that Chinese women today weigh an average of 57 kg, an increase of 1 over 10 years ago.

7 kg.

A 2011 report showed that Chinese women exercised more than men, and they did not have the concept of bodybuilding. They just pursued thinness and took “medicine” to lose weight eight times as much as men.

In the gym, most women choose “softer” exercises, such as brisk walking, yoga and dancing, and few people do strength training.

The problem of staying up all night and eating irregularly is no longer a male’s patent.

Many young women do not or do not like to cook and make a mess of their lives.


Reduced housework.

  Convenient transportation and sedentary work have greatly reduced the amount of exercise for men and women, but one point is more obvious for women, because they do not like fitness as men, and the reduction in the amount of housework makes women less exercise.

British studies have found that contemporary women’s housework time has been reduced by 20% compared to rankings 35 years ago.

Doing housework can also exercise the body. Some hoes can increase arm and wrist strength, squat when sweeping and mopping the floor, and gradually exercise can exercise whole body muscles.

But these were replaced by hourly workers, sweeping robots, etc.

  Experts who have deprived them of their health advantages point out that women are protected by estrogen and that the risk of death from cardiovascular disease before menopause is lower than that of men.

However, it is an inevitable result that the life expectancy of each person is prolonged, and the difference in life expectancy between men and women is narrowing, and many factors have taken away women’s health advantages.


Overload pressure.
  The society treats men and women equally in the workplace. However, women have special conditions such as physiological period, fertility period, and lactation period, and they need more care.
Many women are “half the sky” at home, and share the pressure of house, car, childcare, and care for the elderly with the other half.

It is a woman’s advantage to be good at expressing emotions, but many women in the workplace are cautious and do not dare to speak out; pressure makes them feel powerless, and they can’t wait to say a word after work, and put their suffering and depression in their hearts.

Long-term mental stress is inseparable from female obesity, endocrine disorders, and gynecological tumors.

  2.Family responsibilities are heavy.

  Society allows men to be “hands-out shopkeepers” at home, but the high demands placed on women in family responsibilities are not reduced accordingly.

Going to work and working out, tutoring children after work, tired of housework on weekends, taking care of the elderly on holidays, becoming a portrait of the life of modern women, making it difficult for them to endanger their own health.


Emotional fluctuations.

  Women are more sensitive, coupled with the effects of the physiological period, emotional changes often occur.

When emotional distress is difficult to resolve, they can easily paralyze themselves through unhealthy ways such as drinking, smoking, overeating, etc. As a result, the heart is hard to heal and their bodies are destroyed.

  Be kind to yourself and increase the imbalance in the lifestyle of healthy literate women, which will damage their own health, and then affect the family diet structure, life rhythm, and break the harmonious pattern.

  Women must first improve their health awareness, learn correct and authoritative health knowledge, and improve their health literacy.

Gradually realize a healthy idea to integrate life, control oil and salt absorption, scientific cooking, and drive family members to develop good health habits.

The third is to reasonably allocate work and life time. At least half an hour of exercise can be used every day. You can use the commuting time to walk vigorously. Walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps can basically guarantee the amount of exercise in a day.

In the end, you must balance your mindset, don’t be too real, set everything in a reasonable way, and set reasonable target values.

40 years is the best time to develop and maintain good health habits; 41?
The 60-year-old is a critical period for women’s health. They will experience the “change” of menopause. Therefore, regular medical examinations are needed to monitor changes in some basic indicators.
After menopause, women should pay more attention to blood pressure, blood sugar, bone density and breast health. People with a family history of hypertension should pay attention to heart health and control their weight, especially to avoid the accumulation of hypertension.

  The advantages of women’s longevity are disappearing. We cannot escape the pressures of life and society. We need to face them, but we can change our bad habits and cultivate a healthy and longevity lifestyle.

Reasonable excretion of bad mood, do not use “eat” to solve.