Why are we married?

Why are we married?

Golden autumn, the peak of marriage is coming.

Are you ready to take on the responsibilities of a couple as a newcomer on the red carpet?

And what about your attitude towards marriage when you are still siege outside the city?

  Treating children for marriage as a breeding offspring has long been out of date, but for women, the nature of children is a program that God installs when assembling a human computer. It is just a modern society.The more women come, the more they have to consider the benefits of marriage in this regard.

In addition, many men need children for reasons that do not come from God’s sources like women, instead of replacing the acquired culture. Children with their father’s surname give men a responsibility and pride, so for men, if you do n’t want children, it means that you have n’t done everything.The inheritance of the family.

  For emotions but not marrying is not the result of such calculations. The emotional needs and impulse of other men and women are not the result of this impulse, and how can you decide to get married?

Emotional impulses are set by God again.

Some people fall in love with each other for the first time, and some people still haven’t met dozens of times. This is fate.

  For many people, not getting married still has a problem with age. “I’ve reached this age, and it won’t work if I continue to mix like this!

“Why, the reason is very simple. Besides, having a child also has a time limit for women. If you don’t get married, you can’t justify having a child. Being a single mother is a very small thing, so you must marry a child before the time limit.

  In view of the above, I think that marriage is a matter of two people. If both parties are willing, there is no problem. If both parties are not willing, there is no problem. The problem is that one party is willing and the other is not.

Therefore, the unwilling party is better to find someone who does not want to get married but only wants to fall in love and live together, otherwise it is a kind of unhealthy behavior that drags people into the water without rescue.

Not to marry is not a bad thing. As long as both parties are willing, some people even have children without marriage and live like a married family. There are no shortage of such lifestyles and examples in the West, because “the marriage certificate is just a piece of paper.

In fact, marriage is just a kind of law to protect the relationship between two people, so that the outcome of divorce is not too bad, and the relatively weak need protection.

We must refer to human instincts by law, education, self-cultivation, etc.