I am crazy about waist (waist down)

I am crazy about waist (waist down)

Speaking of waists, how many people have no fat on their waists after the age of 25?

How many people don’t press out on the swimming ring when they sit down?

  There are two cases of fat on the waist: 1.

The bowel movements are not smooth, causing the waist and abdomen to swell and look very bloated.

Many MMs now have constipation, I will say this tomorrow.


After a long period of inactivity, the consequences of sitting in the seat after a meal.

  Almost all the girls we have worked for more than three years have such common problems.

Of course, except for some girls who are never fat.

  Once there was acceleration, I was really thin and exaggerated.

Wearing a short T-shirt reveals a short waist and a very flat belly below the chest, which feels great.

Prior to that, I did my homework and collected information on reduced waist reduction. Finally, I have my own set of waist reduction programs to share with you.

  The most ruthless way: 1.

Be vegetarian.

After eating for a month, people became narrow all of a sudden.

This narrow word was heard from a colleague at the time. She said, I just felt that when I came from a distance, it was not as big as before, and even the whole became narrower.

  Sometimes when you are a vegetarian, you do n’t want to interrupt.

Think meat is a kind of dirty thing, that is the view of meat from the bottom of my heart.

Because you are vegetarian, you eat less.

As soon as a person is vegetarian, his lightness will reduce his desire and his mood will be lighter.

I met my boyfriend at that time. He invited me to dinner for the first time, and only paid more than 20 yuan when I checked out.

He immediately felt that he had picked up Bao, and a girl who had such a “light” diet could really save him a lot of money.



.I didn’t listen to him later about his ecstasy.

  Because he often said later that he was cheated by me.

I thought I was a light girl, but I didn’t expect that it was just an illusion.

This illusion was exposed under KFC’s eight chicken wings on a summer afternoon.

I like to eat grilled chicken, and I have to eat 6-8 each time.

Since then, according to my boyfriend’s words: she has stopped vegetarianism.

  However, my vegetarian diet is really thin every month.

I am so surprised that a friend I haven’t seen every month.

Ask me what’s wrong with you.

But vegetarian leanness is thinner, not just waist.


Slimming cream with pepper.

This really has to be suitable for people.
The skin on my body is much thinner than the whole body, so after the first time I applied that pepper cream all over my body, I was injured.
His body was red and swollen, and he couldn’t walk.

Thinking of that day again, it was a nightmare!

  But that thing seems to be a bit effective. If anyone is braver than me, try it.

  Reminder: If you really want to try, I strongly recommend that you try only a little bit first.

Otherwise, the consequences are at your own risk.

  Ways to speed up: 1.

Wear multiple layers of plastic wrap around the waist and then a scarf.

Then began to exercise.

No matter what exercise you do, it will make your waist thinner than other parts.

  Reminder: Do not wrap the plastic wrap for too long, otherwise you may be allergic.


Massage and touch your waist with your fingers N times a day.

I just touch my waist every day, where the meat is deep and shallow, when I feel a little thinner, and when I feel a little bloated, I use it.

Every day you understand your current situation, you will continue to have a thin waist and thin consciousness.

There is a vein point on the waist, located at the top of the eleventh rib, at the same height as the navel. It is easy to find, that is, the circle that passes through your navel.

In this circle of flesh, as soon as you have time every day, press it hard and rub it to insult it, it will thin the bird ~~~ Reminder: Remember to press every day!

To adhere!

  The slowest way: Super thick hula hoop.

It is now available in some large supermarkets and sports shops.

That kind of hula hoop is very heavy, you have to push your waist very hard to get it to swing.

During that time, I shook 1,000 times a day.

When I shook my eyes, I didn’t idle, I would put a disc to see.

After watching the dishes, I can rest.

Would you ask, tired?

Fortunately, at that time, my heart was full of vitality and thinness, no matter how little weary.

  It is very important that a woman’s waist is not flexible. Generally, “sensible” men look at women’s waist when they look at women.

They will judge the woman by looking at the woman’s waist.

Therefore, shaking the hula hoop can always make you thin waist, but also can make your waist more and more flexible.


.  Reminder: Be sure to exceed one hour, otherwise this slow aerobic exercise will not cause weight loss.

Do not shake the hula hoop after a meal, it will break the intestines.

  There is also a lot of thin waist products, I am too lazy to introduce them, they are all expensive and expensive, I will not spend money on such products, obviously I can use the product for my own self-cultivation.Hard-won silver.

.Absolutely not.

  We are civilians and live a healthy and natural life.

Sleepy shit, I ‘m a bird, huh, my sister is going to “Little Maldives” this weekend, so I need to take care of myself. By the way, I went to the bamboo charcoal house on Sunday and found that the clerk did n’t see it for a week.That bamboo sticker is really red, and it looks great!

Immediately, I took out my silver and bought a box to try for a week.

If it works, I will definitely come back and tell everyone.