Mada Fei: from art teacher to company president

Mada Fei: from art teacher to company president

Mada Fei, graduate student in aesthetics, is currently the president of Beijing Zhongkun Youke Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

He used to be an art teacher, worked at Founder of Peking University, and had his own entrepreneurial experience.

Now, he conducts business management from the perspective of an artist. His experience and unique insights into the workplace bring us more reveries.

  There is a distinction between the kingdom of necessity and the kingdom of freedom in the aesthetic world.

In terms of Mr. Zhu Guangqian’s theory, many people can learn to draw tigers. This is the control of the muscles of the opponent ‘s hands and belongs to the inevitable kingdom.Belongs to the kingdom of freedom.

From the perspective of Madafei, the highest state of the workplace is to reach the kingdom of freedom from the kingdom of necessity.

  From the Kingdom of Inevitability to the Kingdom of Freedom: Youth Psychology: Can you briefly introduce your career experience?

  Mada Fei: After graduating from college, I specially arranged an art teacher in middle school.

Later, I came to Beijing because of admiring Beijing’s cultural change and the opportunity to study in the Academy of Fine Arts.

He started his own well-designed CMA Studio, and later worked at Founder of Peking University and created his own career.

These are all good experiences that let me know that some kind of work and life are right for me.

Therefore, I finally decided to reposition and came to Zhongkun Group as a professional manager.

  ”Youth Psychology”: From art teachers to professional managers, your career spans a lot.

Everyone has an outstanding career plan now. Do you have a plan for this change at the beginning of your work?

  Madagascar: Of course not, and I don’t think it is possible to plan a life when I just started work or college.

Career planning is slowly taking shape on the basis of continuous accumulation, or it is gradually gradual and clearer.

But in terms of career planning, my feelings are divided into long-term and short-term.

  Youth Psychology: So what is long-term planning?

Is your own long-term plan made early?

  Madagascar: The so-called long-term is that everyone must have a general career direction, which will basically not change.

For example, from an early age, I thought that I had to do art-related activities. I never considered accounting and scientist professions because I knew something about my nature. Long-term planning was based on this understanding.

Of course, did you say that you switched careers halfway?

Of course it does.

Didn’t Mr. Lu Xun abandon medicine and follow the text?

However, this kind of big change is a minority after all, and most of them only occur under some strong stimulation.

  Youth Psychology: What about short-term planning?

  Ma Dafei: Short-term is aimed at the specific environment of work, compensation level and other issues. It is based on your understanding of social development, industry system and other issues.

For example, now that there is a financial crisis, you can judge that in the next few years, certain industries will shrink, and some of them will flourish.

At this time, you have to combine your long-term goals and find a rising industry in the related industries.

It is also worth mentioning that supplementing relevant knowledge is a reserve that will be used in the future workplace, and these reserves will broaden your horizons and make your planning more and more clear and effective.

  Zeroing requires more courage than innovation. “Youth Psychology”: Many young people now yearn for entrepreneurship.

You also have experience in starting a business, but why did you give it up later?

  Madai Fei: It can be said that every entrepreneur and decision maker of every enterprise is quite remarkable.

They need to spend most of their time, or even their entire strength on the development of the enterprise.

During the time when I started my business, I realized the fun of challenges and also achieved a sense of accomplishment. However, I also spent a lot of time with my family and forced art creation.

It can be said that until now I also have the dream and passion of starting a business, but I also know very well that that life is not what I want.

So I chose to give up.

  There is room for gain.Many times, people do not lack the courage to create, but not the courage to zero.

Find out what you really want, then figure out how to get it.

Otherwise, it will be useless work, or even the opposite.

  ”Youth Psychology”: What are your selection criteria for your career?

  Madagascar: Career must be reasonable.

Creating the great “meaning” of value for society, and at the same time is just what this profession means to us, that is to make you feel comfortable, enjoy it, and continue to stimulate your vitality and creativity.

If you feel that everything in your job is worth doing, and you are serious about doing it well, then you will appreciate every day you have traveled, and you will also have hope and hope for the future.

  There is a good story: an experienced entrepreneur went to the beach to bask in the sun, and at the same time, a fisherman who had never left the fishing village was also basking in the sun.

They get the same sun, but do they feel the same?

This is the difference between fulfillment and emptiness.

And our job is to make us full, not waste.

  ”Youth Psychology”: Job change is also a kind of return to zero. What factors do you think need to be considered before changing jobs?

  Madai Fei: There are many reasons for changing jobs, but I think one of the most credible reasons is: I have done my best in the current work, and will not create value and gain more progress. At this time, you can jumpAlready.

In fact, I recommend that you don’t easily jump ship unless the current company really makes you feel like there is no future.

You know, the cost of changing a job is very high, the cost of time, the cost of credit, the cost of interpersonal . are not flattened by a few hundred dollars.

Many people are jumping inch by inch. I suggest jumping by the feet.

If you must use compensation as a minimum, then don’t jump without doubling your salary.

  ”Youth Psychology”: As a manager, what do you think are the most common mistakes young people make when looking for a job?

  Ma Dafei: Generally speaking, I only care about short-term goals. To put it plainly, my vision is a bit short-sighted.

The salary here is 100 yuan higher than that, so I choose here.

In fact, in the long run, it is more important to choose a big platform that is suitable for your work.

  In addition, many young people don’t know how to be grateful, as long as they leave the original company, they are nothing more.

Actually, your salary was not given by the current boss or the previous boss.


Because salary is fish, the ability to make money is fishing.

Your last boss gave you this ability, and you can talk about salary after you change jobs.

Therefore, as long as you work one day, you must accumulate capabilities and create value, so that the next job can give you more.