Yoga bow slimming and breast enhancement effect is good

Yoga bow slimming and breast enhancement effect is good

During the yoga bow exercise, the hips will expand and the shoulders and backs will be squeezed back. This will stimulate your breasts and strengthen your chest muscles to achieve breast enhancement.

In addition, it can also remove the aunt of the abdomen, beautify the curve of the hips and waist, and achieve weight loss.

What are you waiting for to practice together!

  Practice: bow type 1 1.

The whole body is lying on the floor, knees bent, feet up, hands holding the pedals backwards, left foot and left foot, right foot and right foot.

  Bow type 2 2.

First inhale and prepare. When exhaling, raise the front, top and legs at the same time, so that the body arches upward, and stop for 10-16 seconds.


Legs are clamped inward, chest is raised, hands are straightened, head is trying to raise, feel like a bow and arrow, and feet must be raised to make the body appear U-shaped.

  Advanced Action: Bow-style 3 3.

Try to raise your shoes with your feet up a bit, then let go of your left hand, straighten your left foot, then relax your body, let your hands and feet lay down naturally, and then change sides, once for each side

  Disadvantages: No matter how good a sport is, it will require you to keep exercising for a long time. I hope you often practice when you have time.