[Does eating boiled apples cure diarrhea]

[Does eating boiled apples cure diarrhea]

Apples are fruits that we often eat in life, but some people will start to have diarrhea after eating fruits. This is because it is too cold and the stomach is not adapted, so this kind of diarrhea manifests.There is a diarrhea response when apples are not too rare, but some people will cook apples for diarrhea patients, and instead treat diarrhea.

Cook apples to cure diarrhea.

How it works: Cooked apples are really effective for diarrhea.

Apple contains carboxylic acid and pectin. Acid implanted is an astringent in the body. It can reduce water in the stool and stop diarrhea.

The apple pectin component also has an astringent and antidiarrheal effect after cooking.

The pulp and peel of apples contain acid, which is more abundant in the peel, and the pectin is distributed near the inner peel of the pulp. Therefore, do not peel the apple when boiling water to prevent the loss of active ingredients.

It should be reminded that ripe apples can stop diarrhea, but raw foods have the opposite effect.

Unheated raw pectin has the effect of softening stools and alleviating constipation, so eating apples raw may increase diarrhea.

Method: The method of boiling water for apples is very simple: take 1 apple, cut into small pieces with the belt core, and cook in water 3?
5 minutes, serve after warming, daily 2?
Three times, about 30 grams each time.

Do not add sucrose for taste when eating cooked apples, as sucrose can increase diarrhea.

Apple is rich in sugar, carotene and B vitamins, calcium, malic acid, pectin, etc. In addition to reducing diarrhea, it also has effects of replenishing heart and qi, replenishing and quenching thirst, strengthening spleen and stomach, and preventing hypertension.

However, in order to avoid too much pectin, the interaction between the implanted acid and gastric acid forms a gelatinous substance that causes initialization and bloating. It is not advisable to eat more each time.

In addition, some foods are irritating to intermediates, and should not be eaten during diarrhea. Such cold fruits such as fruits and vegetables, chilled vegetables and other irritating foods such as pepper and mustard.

At the same time, crude fiber crystal foods, such as celery, spinach, leek, etc. should not be eaten more.