Self-massage relieves postpartum depression

Self-massage relieves postpartum depression

Post-onset depression is a disease caused by various social, psychological, and physiological factors. Therefore, multiple interventions should be used for treatment.

Self-massage is a practical and useful alternative to postpartum depression.

The author here introduces a set of self-massage methods.

  Rub the palms of your hands half an hour before going to bed every night, and then press the palms of your hands against your face and jaws; push your two fingers up at Yingxiang Acupuncture Point, and then pass through the eyesight, bamboo and other points to the hairline;Face down to the forehead, the middle finger returns to the starting point through the front of the ear outline.

Repeat the massage 30 times to 40 times.

  Rub your chest and knees, sit flat with your right hand against the right rib and push it upward to the left shoulder; then, place your left hand against the left rib and push it upward to the right shoulder.

30 times on each side.

  Knead the abdomen, sit on the knees, press the palm of one hand on the back of the other hand, press the abdomen with the umbilicus as the center, and rub the abdomen 30 times in the clockwise direction and 30 times in the counterclockwise direction.

  Wipe waist and knees, sit with your hands and four points on your hips and rub your shoulders 30 times from top to bottom along the spine.

If tenderness is found, it can be implanted locally with fingers for half a minute.

  Rub your knees in the sitting position, press your palms on the knee cheekbones, rub 30 times from the outside to the inside, and then rub 30 times in the opposite direction.

When rubbing, keep your palms away from the skin, apply light pressure, and feel comfortable in your knees.

  Rub the soles of your feet, hold the left joint with your left hand, rub your left foot forward and forward with your left foot 30 times; then, hold your right hip joint with your right hand, and rub your right foot 30 times with your left hand.