Teach you how to build muscles at home

Teach you how to build muscles at home

1. Warm up beforehand to contract your hands and hold the gymnastic ball.

Straighten your arms up to the same height as your chest, and then gradually straighten your arms up until your arms are close to your ears, while your footsteps move from the original side to side to shoulder width.

This step continues for about three minutes.

  2. One-arm support action exercise site: shoulder, leg muscles, hind hip muscles, body lying on the side of the gymnastics mat, use the arm near the ground to support the body.

Similarly, the leg near the ground is bent backwards, and the other leg is kept at a 45-degree distance from the ground.

Then, the other arm was slowly raised from the side, eyes fixed on the fingertips of the hand.

Because the shortcomings of this action will be somewhat high, so long as you persist for about 20 seconds, and then repeat and do it again, a total of 2 back and forth.

  3, abdominal muscles compact ball exercise exercise parts: abdominal muscles, thigh muscles, arm muscles sit on the ground, support the entire body with shoulders, feet gradually lifted, 10-15 cm away from the ground.

Hold the gymnastic ball with both hands and make a sideways motion to the left or right.

This action is a test of the balance of the human body. If you can’t hold it for too long at the beginning, the distance between your feet and the ground can be slightly closer, but remember that your feet can’t be placed on the ground, then it will not start to have any body effect.

  4, Karate posture exercise parts: upper arm muscles, shoulders, thigh muscles, hip muscles, legs separated into two shoulder width distance, feet 45 degrees apart, and then squat.

The hands were bent and fixed on the chest.

This action has a good effect on tightening the thigh leg muscles and hip muscles. Each action lasts 20 seconds, and redo can be repeated 5-10 times.

  5, knee flexion exercise area: shoulders, tibia, triceps knees, knees at right angles to the ground.

With one hand holding dumbbells on the ground, the knees and elbows began to bend at the same time, using the strength of the knees to support the body, and also tested the strength of the arm muscles.

  6, contact the heel squat movement exercise site: leg muscles, feet apart, shoulder width.

Then squat slowly, holding one dumbbell in each hand, and using the two hands holding the dumbbell to touch the heels while keeping the body balanced and aligned.

This action has a good effect on training the leg muscles. If you want a girl with perfect leg lines, you can try it.