Make your body beautiful with yoga

Make your body beautiful with yoga

There isn’t much time to exercise every day. When you need to relax, you don’t necessarily have proper space and equipment . all kinds of difficulties should not hinder you.

Because there is yoga, there is no need for cumbersome exercise tools, a large training room, as long as you, a calm heart, and a quarter of a day, you will have a more radiant self, as Beijing Tianyue International YogaThe professional instructor of the college, today I will teach you the classic yoga style that makes you look radiant: first prepare yourself, put a mat on the floor, it is best to prepare a towel, and the most important thing for yoga is breathing.Your hips effect: tighten the hips, beautify the lines of the chest, strengthen the bladder.

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet and your feet facing each other, your legs open to the sides, your hands moving over the top of your head, your fingers crossing and holding each other, and your forefingers fitting straight.

  2. Inhale, tighten your chest and lift it upwards.

  3, keep this posture 5?
8 seconds.

  4. Exhale, slowly lower your hips and relax.

  5. Repeat the above actions several times.

  Second, say goodbye to elephant legs: shrink the ligaments and muscles of the legs, beautify the legs, reduce the excess aunts in the abdomen, and lighten the body.

  1. Lie on your back with your legs straight and your hands flat on your body.

  2. Put your right hand on your right thigh, inhale, lift your left leg, hold the thumb of your left foot with your left hand (if you ca n’t, try to change the distance between your left hand and your left foot).

  3. Lift your upper body slowly, exhale, and pull your left leg over your forehead.

  4. Hold this position and breathe deeply for 5 seconds.

  5. Inhale and slowly lie flat on your upper body.

  6. Exhale and place your left leg in front of your body with larger leg muscles.

  7. Hold this position and breathe deeply for 5 seconds.

  8. Inhale and return to the starting position.

  9. Repeat the same action once on the right.

  Third, eliminate the bucket waist effect: eliminate excess waist, quickly improve the bucket waist, make the body softer and more flexible.

  1. Stand upright, with your hands hanging down naturally, with your legs open to shoulder width, inhale, and stretch straight to both sides, parallel to the ground.

  2. Inhale and slowly bend your right leg into a lunge.

  3. At the same time, the body is bent to the left, and both arms are always 90 degrees with the upper body.

  4. If possible, hold your right foot with your right hand to extend, keep breathing for 5 seconds, and slowly straighten your right leg.

  5. Inhale and return to the starting action.

  6. Repeat the same action once on the right.

  Note: When bending over, be careful not to tilt your upper body forward.

In addition, this action is not suitable for pregnant women.

  Fourth, create charming effects: improve appearance.

Improve sagging and chest curves, plump and dark.

  1. Sit with your knees bent, hands folded around the back of the head, straighten the back, make the chest straight up, and lower the jaw slightly.

Take a deep breath and lean your hands back strongly.

  2. While exhaling, straighten your hands upwards, push your chest forward, and keep your elbows straight.

  In the above styles, as long as you keep practicing every day, it will not only increase your body substitution and replacement, but also make you have a charming and sexy body!

Charm Yoga, Charm You, Me and Him!