Work taboos for newcomers to the workplace

Work taboos for newcomers to the workplace

In an era of increasingly fierce competition for employment, fresh people in society can cross the border and enter their favorite companies. This is a rare opportunity plus luck.

But do n’t be so full of will. The real challenge has just begun after entering the company.

If you are not careful, you will mistake the taboos in the workplace when you come up. I am afraid that the good and promising future will become a long night on the spot.

  Doing less and doing more is the rule that newcomers to the business must adhere to.

Because they are new to a company, the newcomers don’t know much about the company’s status. At this time, they are most afraid of right and wrong, and criticize everywhere.

In many cases, the status of the company is not as simple as it seems.

No amount of criticism is useful unless it can help the company improve its situation.

Medicine is needed for illness, and constructive speech is needed for troubled companies.

  Every newcomer who has just entered a certain company’s service will almost always strive to be upstream and show diligence.

However, it can often only be maintained for three minutes. When the working environment is familiar and the supervisor’s temperament is thoroughly understood, he will begin to relax.

In fact, as a new person in society, many things need to be learned, it is not appropriate to be lazy.

I thought I was a little clever, and I earned it by putting aside some work. I didn’t know that the supervisor was watching.

  You may have read a lot of books during your studies, but after entering the employment stage, you will have a good opportunity to verify the theory with practice.

In fact, slowly new people can find that most of the knowledge used in the workplace is learned after entering the society, so don’t let yourself lose at the starting point.