Office workers beware of fresh person disease

Office workers beware of “fresh person” disease

After the long holiday, Liu Yuan, who had just been in the job for more than half a year, felt that she was “especially unwilling to leave home” and even “don’t want to go to work.” At the same time, she also had headaches and dizziness.
Zhang Dasheng, director of the Harbin Hope Youth Psychological Rescue Center, reminded college students who just joined the work that at the beginning of the new year, they should prevent themselves from suffering from “fresh people” like Liu Yuan.
  Zhang Dasheng explained that “fresh people” refers to people who have just entered the society and are working. Many college students have just started working and have not fully adapted to the working environment. After a long vacation, especially with their parents and classmates for a long timeAfter the contact, they still cling to the atmosphere of home and school, and have a sense of escape from work.
  ”After the feeling of escape, some college students will become anxious, and even when the phone rings, he will be very panic,” said Zhang Dasheng. “In some units that value human relations, some college students will not giveA certain leader is anxious during the New Year. They don’t know how to face the leader. They worry more about their colleagues’ discussions. They worry about accumulation. They want to avoid everything.
Zhang Dasheng said, from a psychological point of view, once a person psychologically resists or avoids something, he will find a reasonable explanation for himself. Some college students will tell themselves “I am sick, so I don’t want to go to work”There are more psychological hints, and some physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and low fever will also occur.
“In the final analysis, this” fresh person “disease is a kind of social fear, and it will be avoided if you intentionally strengthen communication,” said Zhang Dasheng. “First of all, these college students should avoid ‘student’ words in the workplace.
Zhang Dasheng said that college students can deliberately prepare topics that are of interest to middle-aged people. For example, you can talk about some of your experiences during the long vacation. Do n’t just talk about things that interest you.Constantly broaden your interactions. Don’t limit yourself to communication with parents and classmates.
  In addition, college student office workers can choose to go to work in advance to relieve stress, especially for people working outside the field. On the last day of the long vacation, you can go to the unit first, familiarize yourself with the environment, clean up your desk, and welcome the first with a new mindset.Two days of work, this is much better than a day trip to the unit to work immediately.
  ”During work, college students can still take deep breaths and think about the things around them.” Zhang Dasheng finally reminded college students. “Interpersonal relationships are never as bad as you think. Over time, everything will go with it.natural.