How to do cold hands and feet in winter

How to do cold hands and feet in winter

What to do if my hands and feet are cold in winter?

Many MMs have this trouble as soon as it arrives in winter. The weather is cold and the movement is reduced, and many girls are placed in the cold hands and feet.

I will introduce an action for you to stretch the lower body muscles through simple movements, allowing the body waste inserted in the lower body to flow, quickly improve body metabolism, eliminate cold hands and feet, and quickly thin legs.

5 movements to stretch the muscles to warm the whole body 1.

Put a cushion on the back, lay your upper body on the cushion, lift your head, and hold your hands behind your head.

Then, bend and keep your legs close together while slowly lifting upwards.

Note that if you feel sore waist during practice, stop and rest.


As you exhale, stretch your legs sideways up straight.

If the number of digits really can’t be stretched out, don’t force it. You can stretch your legs as much as you can.

Will 1?
Repeat 2 for 5 times.


If you feel that it is difficult to resist the movement of legs straight at the same time, you can switch to this movement.

Bend one leg with your feet on the ground and the other leg straight up.

Hold on for a while and do the same.

Repeat this exercise 5 times for each leg.


Kneel on both knees, straighten your upper body, hands straight on your chest.

Tighten your abdomen tightly, while tightening fast forward to prepare for subsequent movements.


As you exhale, tilt your upper body backwards, and keep your hands and feet parallel to the ground. The posture is like the letter “Z”.

Will action 4?
5 Repeat 5 times.

If your waist and high blood pressure are painful, you can’t practice the action.