Let’s bring yoga to the office

Let’s bring yoga to the office

Nowadays, the yoga movement has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone knows that learning yoga can make people healthy, and it can eliminate tranquility and impetuous emotions.

Almost all urban white-collar workers who have been working in the office or in front of the computer for a long time are suffering from sub-health such as backache and back pain. Yoga has naturally become the first choice for urban white-collar workers to reduce stress.

  Maybe OLs will refuse: work usually changes so much, where can I find time to go to the gym, yoga studio to practice yoga to reduce stress?

Don’t worry, in fact, you can practice yoga without leaving the office. Let’s learn office yoga together, allowing you to exercise anytime, anywhere and relax.

  Office yoga is easy to reduce stress According to professional yoga instructors, urban white-collar workers generally stay in the office to work, and many people often cannot sit for a long time, resulting in their bodies in a sub-health state.

“Mouse elbow”, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, etc. are common problems of white-collar workers.

Office yoga is especially suitable for people who work in the office for a long time and can’t afford time to exercise. They can use the office chair, substitution, etc. as props to help practice.

  Office yoga’s movement speed is relatively soothing, the rhythm is slow, and the softness requirements are relatively low. It is suitable for urban white-collar workers to easily decompress and increase muscle strength and elasticity.

This group of exercises can be completed in about 30 minutes, and the time can be determined by yourself.

You can do it during work breaks or during breaks.

  Notes for Office Yoga Practice Before practicing office yoga, you need to understand the following precautions: 1. Breathing is very important for practicing yoga, and you must breathe deeply and slowly when doing asanas; 2. Be slow and controlled; 3. If you want to fully benefit, you must learn to pay attention to and completely control your mind, body and spirit. 4. Before you start the exercise, you can sit quietly for a while. 5. Pay attention to your body posture. Your upper body must be straight and stretched., Relax; 6, yoga takes time to learn, the movement needs to do a few times before you get used to; 7, fully enjoy your relaxation time and relieve stress.